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Lapan Anxious as N219 Certifications Face Delays

DEFENSE AND TECHNOLOGY -- National Space and Aviation Agency, or Lapan, may need to deal with another delay in development of small propeller plane N219 as the aircraft is yet to complete certification processes at the Transport Ministry.

The aircraft need to clear the permits before initiating a test flight, which was initially scheduled for June before being moved back to August.

"Now, we just hope that all the process can be completed soon, so we can meet our production schedule in 2017," said Jasyanto, a Lapan spokesman.

"We have to be thorough to ensure the air plane safety," Jasyanto said, adding that the agency is adamant the aircraft will comply with international safety standards.

Lapan developed the N219 with state aircraft producer Dirgantara Indonesia to rejuvenate Indonesia's airspace industry.

The 19-seat aircraft is designed to meet demands for small carriers in remote regions. Lion Air, Indonesia's largest budget airline, Nusantara Buana Air, Aviastar Mandiri and Trigana Air Service have placed order for 150 units of N219.


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