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Belibis: Indonesia's made Seaplane waiting for foreign order

This Winged WISE-8 (Wing in Surface Effect-8) designed by Indonesia's research center BPPT and have undergone sea test for several times.

"The prototype ship Winged WISE-8 (Wing in Surface Effect-8) which has been tested eight seat capacity. While investors were booking 22 seats, "said Chief Executive Task Sumaryono Wahono BPPT, Friday (7 / 11) in Jakarta.

Wahono said, the limited seating at Winged Ship WISE-8 only because the issue of efficiency of research funding. "We are still discussed about the need for investment to develop the winged ships with 22 seats. Investors were willing to fund it, "said Wahono, who predicts development research can be completed within a year.

Compression effect

Ship Winged WISE utilization technology of air compression effect that occurs on the surface of low-flying objects. Winged ship cruising speed WISE-8 maximum ranges from 80 knots or 144 kilometers per hour, and do not need a runway on the ground.

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