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Turkey to build six anti-air frigates, TF-2000

Turkey has received responses to its January request for information from several foreign and domestic companies seeking to help build six anti-air frigates to a local design.

Turkey's defense procurement agency, the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM), obtained information on directed infrared countermeasures, electric generation and distribution systems, heating-ventilating-air conditioning, integrated platform management systems, laser directed/kinetic energy weapons, main propulsion systems and the naval gun system.

Officials declined to identify the companies that responded to the SSM's request.

The program is dubbed the TF-2000, or Turkish Frigate for the 21st Century. Officials expect the program to cost Ankara about $3 billion in today's prices; it will be completed in 10 to 12 years. The first ship is to enter service in 2018, one defense analyst said.

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  1. TURKS designed and built their indegenous stealth corvettes named (MILGEM F511). They have stealth technologies and built TAI ANKA MALE UAV, TAI MOSQUITO VTOL UAV. Main battle tank ALTAY. ATAK T 129 HELICOPTER. HURKUS AIRPLANE.
    They have indegenous missiles UMTAS, OMTAS, KMTAS,CIRIT,KASIRGA and torpedos....too many type
    They have uniqe land combat vehicles like FNSS PARS, OTOKAR KOBRA-ARMA 6X6-AKREP-MRAP,NUROL EJDER,BMC MRAP-KALE-KAYA.... too many type.