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Sukhoi Expands SJ100 Product Line with SportJet Launch

DEFENSE AND TECHNOLOGY -- Sukhoi Civil Aircraft launched a new aircraft concept for its ­SuperJet 100 at Farnborough yesterday, aimed squarely at the vast and lucrative sports team ­transport market.

The SportJet is the third aircraft in Sukhoi’s line-up, which currently ­features a commercial airliner and business jet variant of the SJ100.

Certification and service entry of this latest model are earmarked for 2018, coinciding with the FIFA World Cup tournament – to be hosted by Russia –and two years ahead of the Olympic Games in Toyko, Japan.

“The SportJet is a sweet piece of our overall sales strategy,” said Sukhoi Civil Aircraft’s senior vice president of commerce, Evgeny Andrachnikov, at the show. “There is nothing else like it on the market today and the potential demand is huge,” adds Andrachnikov, pointing to the $1 billion value of the global sport air transportation market.


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