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Afterburning turbofan engine to deliver: PLA's L15 Falcon will be supersonic!

The afterburning turbofan engine of L-15 "Falcon" had been delivered to Honduras,it was said that L-15’s first-fly would be expected to happen soon.The AI-222-25F engine would manufactured at the 331-Factory and domestic production type would named as "Emei" turbofan engine.

China was trying to acquire the production license of AI-222-25F engine from Ukraine.and China and Ukraine signed an agreement that Ukraine sells the manufacturing technology of AI-222-25 engine to China and provides a complete set of technical information, drawing data package and another important equipment.

Then,China has got the production license of AI-222-25 engine,and AI-222-25F engine is developed jointly by the 608 Institute and China's Gas Turbine Research Institute,and jointly manufactured by Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd. and 331 Factory of China Southern Power Machinery Company.According to engine parts, the specific division of work is that:608 Institute is responsible for development of The structure of the whole leaf disc fans, low-pressure turbine (including material for directional solidification of the low-pressure high-temperature alloy turbine blades), intermediate casing and gear boxes, accessories transmission, tail nozzle, support structure, the engine installation section,and they are manufactured by 331 Factory.

China's Gas Turbine Research Institute is in charge of development of System design integration and high-pressure axial flow compressor, with air atomizing nozzle annular combustor, high-pressure turbine (including the composite air-cooled directional solidification (crystallization) No margin casting of hollow blades) and afterburning combustion chamber, as well as fuel system, full authority digital electronic control system,and they are produced by Chengdu Engine (Group) Co., Ltd.After manufacture of engine completed,engine was delivery to 331 Factory,there is a assembly line which completes the final installation in 331 Factory. The domestic production type of AI-222-25F engine might be named "Emei" turbofan engine.

Mount Emei is 3099 meters above sea level which is located in southwestern Sichuan Province.Mount Emei is not only one of the four Buddhist holy sites in China,but also is world-famous tourist attraction. Li Bai who is poet of Tang Dynasty has written that: Emei is higher than the western extreme days. Mount Emei has been listed by UNESCO as "World Natural and Cultural Heritage List" in February, 1997.

АИ-222-25F engine was developed by Ukraine Ивченко-Прогресс. АИ-222-2 was the basic pattern of the series,which has been used as the powerplant of Як-130 and other trainer aircrafts.On April 30,2oo4,the firstЯк-130 flied successfully for the first time in Sokol. Russia's "Air Port" Website reported that on February 8, 2008,according to Ukraine's "Xiqi engine" AG CEO Vyacheslav • Bocuse Khairullaev’s revealing to a journalist,State trials of the thrust 2.5 tons АИ-222-25 aviation engines have been successfully completed.

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