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Iran's Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Capability

Israel's military has been concerned that Iran could obtain anti-satellite capabilities.

Irans indigenous Ghadr-110/Ashura and the Sejil MRBMs provide the main platform for an ability as such. As for the Ashura, it's launch mass is purely speculative at this point, and the warhead mass has been estimated to be about 800 kilograms at the highest. The estimated effective range has been posted as being anywhere from 2,500 to 3,500km.

Another rather interesting feature, from the designs available on the internet, is the apparent MRV shell type design as displayed in the image above. The enclosing could house KT munitions in the future. Moreover, The Ashura MRBM may be a connecting link in Iran's solid propellant program and the Space program as the the basis of a future satellite booster.

Wether the link is present or not, the further development of this would give a potential ICBM capability in any case but it would be interesting if the project could be covered up as a space booster development program. The last portion depends on Iran's need for a a heavier capacity satellite launch vehicle though.

Other known assets which could have an ASAT potential would be Iran's Sejil MRBM.

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