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Azerbaijan Second OPV-62

DEFENSE AND TECHNOLOGY -- The Azerbaijan Coast Guard's Ship Construction and Repair Center in Turkan has built the first of up to six Saar 62 offshore patrol vessels (OPVs), as well as the coastguard's sixth Shaldag Mk V fast attack craft (FAC).

The developments were confirmed in a press release from the Azeri Border Guard Service (DSX) - which has jurisdiction over the coastguard - issued at the pre-launch inspection of the vessels by Azeri president Ilham Aliyev in early September.

The OPV (pennant number S 201) was launched on 9 September; the FAC (pennant number S 306) entered the water on 16 September.

It is understood that another OPV is in build in the yard's covered construction hall. The hall has capacity for at least three vessels to be constructed simultaneously.


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